Elective Registration Procedures
For Fourth-Year Students

NJMS Electives

NJMS electives and outside elective courses (externships) can be scheduled in the fall (June- November) and spring (December-May). NJMS electives are those offered at NJMS and its affiliates. Externships are courses offered at other medical schools (see "Externships” for more information).

Fall Electives

Fall Electives are NJMS electives taken in June through November. Registration for these electives is conducted by the Registrar's Office. Students are asked to select a first, second and third course choice for each month in which they would like to take an NJMS elective using an Elective Selection Form. Completed forms are processed by the Registrar's Office according to the student’s lottery number. (Requests are processed from highest to lowest number.) Instructions and Elective Selection Forms are distributed to students soon after the Elective Book is distributed. Upon completion of the fall elective registration, visiting student course requests are processed on a space-available basis.

Spring Electives

Spring Electives are NJMS electives taken in December through May. Instructions and forms are e-mailed to fourth-year students in September. Course selection forms are also processed in lottery number order. Upon completion of spring elective registration for NJMS students, visiting student elective requests are processed on a space-available basis.

Students who are out of state or abroad during the registration period must contact the Office of the Registrar to obtain the Elective Selection Form. Registrations are processed in the order determined by lottery position. Students who wish to have their notification mailed to an alternative address must attach a signed written request to the Elective Selection Form.

Elective Add-Drop Form