We endeavor to cultivate a talented and diverse class of students who contribute to and care for patients and the community.

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NJMS is a leader in advancing biomedical research to improve human health
and wellness around the world.

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Our rigorous academic experience strikes a healthy balance between classroom and real world learning opportunities.

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  • Why New Jersey Medical School

    Through a rigorous curriculum that places emphasis on combining holistic educational experiences with lessons learned by on-the-job training, New Jersey Medical School students are taught by venerated faculty members to become highly-skilled and compassionate physicians who deliver a particular brand of medicine and healthcare that is defined by extraordinary skill, professionalism, and respect for the patient.

    In NJ, confirmed cases of hepatitis A have increased more than 8x since 2018

    CBS NY - Dr. Nick Pyrsopoulos talks about how the infectious disease is spread and tips on how to stay safe.

    CFPC Annual Fall Conference - November 14, 2019

    Tap Into - Dr. Erin Zerbo will be speaking at the 2019 Annual Center For Prevention and Counseling conference.

    Seven things to know about this year's flu season

    Tap Into - Wondering if you have the flu or how to protect yourself from it? Check out these FAQs.

    NJMS & UH promote heathy living in the Latinx community

    NJTV - ICYMI: NJMS & UH hosted Park Elementary School students and parents to learn about preventative healthcare.

    Our Global Presence

    Take a journey around the world to learn more about the global reach and influence of our faculty, students, and staff.
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