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Department of Pharmacology & Physiology

Tibor Rohacs, Ph.D., M.D.




Ph.D., 1997, Semmelweis University of Medicine Budapest
M.D., 1992, Semmelweis University of Medicine Budapest




Relevant Publications:

T. Rohacs, C.M.B. Lopes, I. Michailidis, D.E. Logothetis: PI(4,5) P2 regulates the activation and desensitization of TRPM8 channels through the TRP domain, Nature Neuroscience 8:626-634, 2005.
C.M.B. Lopes, T. Rohacs, G. Czirjak, T. Balla, P. Enyedi, D.E. Logothetis: PiP2 hydrolysis underlies agonist-induced inhibition and regulates voltage gating of two-pore domain K+ channels. J. Physiol. 564:117-29, 2005.
X. Fu, H. Zhang, C.M.B. Lopes, T. Mirshahi, T. Rohacs, D.E. Logothetis: Characteristic interactions with PIP2 determine regulation of Kir channels by diverse modulators. J. Biol. Chem. 279:37271-81, 2004




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