Academic Requirements

Text Box: Statement from Admissions related to applicant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic:   The NJMS Admissions Committee understands and is very sensitive to the challenges our applicants are facing as we steadily manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly is that we hope you are well and safe. The Committee has modified the policy and will accept Academic Requirements

Applicants are encouraged to complete courses in social and/or cultural fields to acquire a broad academic background. Non-science applicants are given equal consideration.

Required Coursework

General Biology (with lab) 2 semesters
General Chemistry (with lab)  2 semesters
General Physics (lab) 2 semesters
Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 (with lab) 2 semesters
Biochemistry may be substituted for Organic Chemistry 2  
English 2 semesters
College level intensive writing courses may be substituted for English  


Recommended Coursework

Biochemistry 1 semester
Calculus 1 semester
Genetics 1 semester
Statistics 1 semester
Anatomy 1 semester
English 1 semester
Physiology 1 semester
Sociology and/or Psychology 1 semester

Specific requirements may be waived or imposed at the discretion of the Admissions Committee on an individual basis. All applicants are also encouraged to complete courses in social or cultural fields and generally broaden their academic backgrounds. Non-science applicants are given equal consideration if they have demonstrated academic excellence.