Mission: To promote expansion and facilitate execution of basic and clinical research in perioperative medicine while enhancing faculty development.

Vision: To build an organization nationally recognized for excellence in research.

Creating an environment that is conducive to both basic and clinical research and integrating the departmental basic science program with its clinical applications are the focus of the leadership. When Dr. Alex Bekker began, there was one established basic science lab within the Department of Anesthesiology led by Dr. Ye. Recruitment of an additional established investigator became one of Dr. Bekker’s priorities during his first year. Fortunately, with the Medical School’s support, the department recruited, Dr. Tao, who is an NIH funded investigator. As a result of both of these highly acclaimed researchers, the department’s peer reviewed publications have increased dramatically.  

While our basic research program is now outstanding, our progress in developing clinical research is ongoing. We have participated in two multicenter trials and initiated 4 industry sponsored trials. With time, we anticipate further growth.  Our new Research Coordinator has a significant background in biostatistics and clinical research, which will ensure that our new projects will be in compliance with CONSORT guidelines. Having an experienced coordinator also allows the faculty and residents to execute projects accurately and effectively. A number of our faculty are rapidly gaining national reputation which will attract additional industry to use University Hospital as a site for future clinical trials. Lastly, in the next five years, we intend to mentor junior faculty in developing successful clinical protocols which will give both them and our residents, further opportunity to become nationally recognized.  

A detailed list of the department’s scholarly activity can be found below.

Publications Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Academic Year 2017-2018