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Medical Student Clerkship


Description: The majority of our students and all of our guest rotators work exclusively in the University Hospital Emergency Department in Newark, a level 1 trauma center that sees about 90,000 patients per year, about 6000 of them trauma patients. Students work throughout our department, in the adult, pediatric, mid-track and trauma areas, directly supervised by our faculty and senior residents, garnering extensive clinical and procedural experience. 

Clerkship Goals:

  • Mastery of clinical knowledge with basic sciences integration
  • Excellence in clinical skills
  • Excellence in professionalism and humanism
  • Commitment to the health of the community and appreciation of social and cultural diversity
  • Dedication to lifelong learning
  • Development of effective education and communication skills

Clerkship Objectives:

  • Identify and prioritize patients requiring urgent attention
  • Document clearly and thoroughly
  • Master early assessment and support of the critically ill patient
  • Develop a differential diagnosis and initial management plan
  • Adapt your presentation style to a wide variety of situations and listeners
  • Master procedures such as phlebotomy, IV catheter placement, simple suturing, etc
  • Communicate effectively and empathetically with patients and their families
  • Manage your time and your patients efficiently
  • Be an engaged and active participant in patient care

Clinical Responsibilities: Each medical student is expected to pick up patients and fully evaluate them, present them to the attendings or senior residents, and follow them throughout their ED course, essentially acting as an intern on each shift. Of the 10-12 shifts per block, two are designated ultrasound shifts, in which the students get experience with bedside ultrasound. Students keep patient and procedure logs, and are proctored through basic clinical skills.  In addition, each student is assigned an EMS ride-along.

Didactics: More than four hours per week of dedicated didactic time, including lectures on core content, IV and splinting/casting labs, bedside ultrasound, and a high-fidelity simulation session designed specifically for our students.

Visiting Students: Since EM is a mandatory fourth-year clerkship at Rutgers NJMS we have limited spots during any given block, but we do encourage students interested in EM, and interested in applying to our residency, to rotate with us. Applications for the EM Clerkship for non-NJMS students are accepted through VSAS beginning April 15.

The clerkship team:


Shannon Moffett, MD

Clerkship Director

Tiffany Thompson

Clerkship Coordinator