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Dr. Parveen Receives Historic NIH Grant to Study Co-Infections with Tick-borne Pathogens

A grant totaling $1.56 million was recently awarded to Nikhat Parveen, PhD, associate professor in the department of microbiology, biochemistry and molecular genetics at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.The grant represents the first and only NIH grant awarded to study the impact of co-infections with Borrelia burgdorferi, and a malaria parasite-like pathogen, Babesia microti that cause Lyme disease and babesiosis, respectively. A significant increase in co-infections with these two tick-borne pathogens is an emerging problem throughout the Northeastern United States, including in New Jersey. Dr. Parveen noted that the pathogens present a serious healthcare concern, because co-infected patients show more intense and diverse symptoms that persist for longer durations. Learn more about Dr. Parveen's research.


Common myths about mosquitoes

In light of recent reports of a rise in mosquito-borne diseases, Dr. Vivian M. Bellofatto debunks common myths about mosquitoes, and sheds light on what NJMS researchers are doing to "fight the bite" Click here to watch the full video on Youtube


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