Residency Program - Benefits


The following are just some highlights of the benefits offered by Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Please refer to the GME office for a more detailed description of house staff benefits.

Salary (Effective July 1, 2019)

PGY 1 - $58,488
PGY 2 - $62,452
PGY 3 - $66,275
PGY 4 - $70,146
PGY 5 - $72,008
PGY 6 - $73,859
PGY 7 - $75,666
PGY 8 - $77,433
PGY 9 - $79,203


  • All residents have access to health insurance, prescription drugs plans, dental care, disability insurance and life insurance.
  • An educational stipend of $500.00 per year is provided to each resident to be used for purchasing books, journals, and/or an ipad.
  • Each resident is given $600.00 to attend resident orientation in June.
  • A $20 meal allowance is given anytime a resident is on-call, overnight, or any shift over 12 hours.
  • Each resident can take up to 4 weeks of paid vacation per year.
  • Full reimbursement for conferences where you are the first author and are giving an oral presentation.


  • All residents receive an employment contract that is valid for 1 year.
  • The contract specifies the duration of employment, salary, training level, vacation, health benefits, liability coverage, uniforms and resident obligations.

Professional Liability

  • Residents are covered for medical liability as written in their contract during their years of employment at Rutgers NJ Medical School.

Educational Resources

  • All residents have acces to the Medical Library resouces in the hospital or at home, which gives them free access to otolaryngology journals and textbooks.
  • Electronic Medical Records are available for both inpatient and outpatient records at Hackensack Hospital and at the VA at East Orange. University hospital currently has outpatient records available electronically but inpatinet records will be coming shortly.
  • Residents are provided with a 5 year curriculum as part of their didactics.
  • Each rotatation has a specific goals and objectives that are given and discussed with each resdient prior to the start of the rotation.