I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and to thank you for your willingness to participate in the education of our NJMS students and/or residents. Their experiences with you are an important part of their education, and we appreciate your participation in preparing future physicians to provide the finest quality care to their patients.

Part of my responsibilities as Vice Dean of New Jersey Medical School, is to assure that the School is in full compliance with the standards of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) of the AMA and AAMC, our accrediting body. One of the important standards in maintaining our full accreditation is assuring that all physicians involved in instructing our students are appointed to the faculty of our Medical School. In addition to fulfilling our accreditation requirements, as a member of our faculty, you will receive an identification card which will provide access to the medical school facilities, including the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences, as well as the ability to attend, free of charge, weekly grand rounds presented by our departments for CME credit. In addition, you are also welcome to attend the myriad of faculty development and other educational conferences offered at the medical school and University overall.

We are committed to processing volunteer faculty appointments as expeditiously as possible and without requiring much effort on your part. We do, however, ask for your cooperation in providing information and completing some necessary paperwork. In order to get started on this process, attached is an instruction sheet and some necessary forms to be completed. We are also happy to work with your assistants in order to accomplish this.

As soon as your faculty appointment is approved by New Jersey Medical School, we will notify you.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Once again, we appreciate your participation in our educational programs, and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at (973)972-4823.

Maria L. Soto-Greene, MD, FACP
Vice Dean and Professor