The NJMS Office of Clinical Research Administration (OCRA) was established to provide centralized oversight of the clinical research conducted by NJMS faculty and to serve as a conduit for all requests from the Rutgers community to conduct clinical research at University Hospital. The primary focus of OCRA review is research billing compliance and to facilitate registration of studies with University Hospital.


When are University Hospital Registration and execution of Research Plan required?

What is a University Hospital "Research Plan"?

How do I register my study with University Hospital?

What will the IRB require in order for my IRB application to move forward if University Hospital is checked as a performance site?

What types of studies do NOT require OCRA review?

What if I have a study with billable clinical procedures (such as physical examinations or laboratory tests), but it does not involve University Hospital?

How do I complete the Billing Plan?

How do we account for tests ordered at a higher frequency than would ordinarily occur in clinical practice?

How is the Billing Plan used throughout the life of the study?

What if we deviate from the billing plan?

What if the protocol is amended?



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