New Jersey Medical School alumni have rallied to support the Endowed Scholarship Campaign initiated by the New Jersey Health Foundation. Their personal reasons for their generous gifts are different in each case, but their collective reason is the same: to support physicians of the future just as physicians of the past supported them.

An endowed scholarship can now be established through the Rutgers University Foundation with a minimum gift of $50,000.00, and can be named as a donor desires. An endowed scholarship becomes a permanent tribute to the person whose name it bears. Donors can choose the school to which the scholarship will be awarded and help establish scholarship criteria. Earned income from the endowment will be awarded each year in perpetuity.

We thank these individuals for their generous gifts:

 Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Accurso'84

Dr. Mary Alexander'79

Dr. Elizabeth Alger'64

Dr.and Mrs. Mitchel B. Alpert'82 and Family

Drs. Judith Korek Amorosa’70 and Louis F. Amorosa’69

Dr. William Annitto'74 and Robert G. Abrams, J.D.


Dr. Flora Barlotta'62

Dr. Joseph Benevenia'84

Dr. Anthony C. Berlet'86

The Calabrese Family & Friends

Dr. David J. Cennimo'01

   Mrs. Rosemary Chiaviello, Family and Friends

Mr. Peter Cocoziello, Sr.*

Dr.Kathleen Cuddihy'96

Dr. Theodore A. DaCosta, Sr.'60

Dr. Theodore A. DaCosta, Jr.'89

Dr. David D. Daniels'95

Mrs. Sadie DiGisi

Dr. and Mrs. David Dines'74

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiSepio

Dr. Joseph V. DiTrolio'79

Faculty Advancement Committee for Education

Dr. Barbara Fadem

Dr. Bettie Frank-Shrensel'84

Dr. and Mrs. George F. Heinrich'72

Drs. George and Helene Hill

Dr. Lisa Carabelli Hurckes'93 and Mr. Timothy W. Hurckes

Dr. and Mrs. John Lina'73

The Lionel Corporation, LLC, Family and Friends

The Luso-American Fraternal Association

Dr. and Mrs. Marc Maiatico'76

Dr. Gerard Malanga'87

Dr. Joanne Mambretti-Zumwalt'73*

Dr. Patrick McGovern, Jr.'78

Mr. and Mrs. Keith McVicker, The Chubb Federal Insurance Company and others

Drs. Ann McNeal, Family and Friends

Drs. Susan Hagen Morrison'81 and Douglas Morrison.

Dr. Barbara A. Nahas'81

The New Jersey Medical School Alumni Association

The New Jersey Medical School Board of Advisors

The New Jersey Medical School Lifetime Dues Members

Dr. Corey M. Notis'88

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Neill'79

Dr. Richard E. Pelosi'61

Dr. Richard G. Pozen'74 and Mrs. Ann Pozen

Drs.Sumant Ramachandra'97 and Leena Ramachandra

Dr. Jyothi Rao-Mahadevia'94, Dr. Savitha Rao'13 and Dr. Sudhir Rao

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Rayhack'78

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rudolph'76

Dr. Ida Ellen Schwab'76

Ms. Alison Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Shailesh Shah

Mrs. Alice E. Tassoni*

Dr. Enrico P. Veltri'79

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weiner

Mrs. Marriane J. Wong and Dr. Leonard K. Eng'83

Dr. Richard H. Wong'79

* Deceased

Their gifts have allowed them to secure the future by building on the strong