Cornea and External Ocular Disease


corneal rupture corneal degeneration
Corneal rupture
Corneal degeneration


Peter S. Hersh, MD, Director
David Chu, MD, Associate Director
William H. Constad, MD
Mark Lister, MD

This service uses the latest techniques to diagnose and treat corneal ulcers, chemical burns, and traumatic corneal injuries. Corneal transplantation and a full spectrum of refractive surgical procedures (for example, excimer laser treatment and LASIK) are offered. Our experience with contact lens treatment for unique corneal needs (posttraumatic cornea, postoperative cornea, pathological cornea, infant fittings, and especially keratoconus) has increased our proficiency in caring for these conditions. We have completed patient enrollment in our epidemiological study pertaining to the visual function of patients using contact lenses vs excimer laser surgery. Research has continued in conductive keratoplasty (CK), a new treatment for farsightedness. Research into the use of CK for astigmatism is being developed. Dr. David Chu has expanded our services to include ocular immunology and has brought new surgical techniques, such as amniotic membrane transplantation for ocular surface inflammatory disorders.