Ocular Trauma


ocular tumor corneal rupture
Ocular tumor
Corneal rupture
Roger E. Turbin, MD, Director, Adult Trauma



Steven Braunstein, MD
Paul Lama, MD
  Gregory Cox, MD Mark Lister, MD  
Joseph A. DeLuca, MD
  Herbert Glatt, MD Nahndi Williams, MD  

Jeffrey Schiller, MD
Joel Eichler, MD
Christine Zolli, MD
Marco Zarbin, MD, PhD

  The Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science directs the Eye Trauma Center for New Jersey, situated at the University Hospital of the New Jersey Medical School. The service has successfully integrated University Hospital trauma policy, REMCS system, and triage protocols to provide full-time ocular trauma coverage to the level-3 trauma/emergency service. A team of highly skilled specialists uses a multidisciplinary approach in evaluating and treating eye trauma. The system maintains a subdivision call schedule that spans anterior segment, orbital/oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmic and retinal trauma. Patients are transported to our medical center by ground ambulance or helicopter where emergency care is available 24 hours per day.