Course Comments

Continually working on our speech and getting constructive feedback when practicing it was helpful to learn what the components of a good speech are and how to make our speeches more powerful and understood by our audience. The skills will transfer over into future talks.

The 3 min speech is a challenge for me, but it helped build my confidence in public speaking, and motivated me to have the passion to share my research.

The Capstone project was helpful in improving my communication skills in this following ways: 1) it helped me to get into practical exercise of knowing my audience; 2) the communication with my mentor also provided a good way to practice communication skills.

From having continual practice, I definitely feel more confident in public speaking and developing a powerful and engaging speech.

It was a great learning experience to hear other student speeches and feedback to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Multiple speakers highlighted multiple communication styles.

It was immensely informative and made me recognize how deficient my communicating skills are (despite believing the opposite for a long time!). It gave me the impetus to consciously work towards the way I communicate now and in the future. 

I hope Communicating Science can become a part of regular course curriculum for STEM and more students are able to benefit from it. 

I have found the philosophy of learning by doing to be a fascinating aspect of this course.

Feedback from both the written and oral assignments was very helpful. It is not often we can get feedback from our work, so I think this is the best aspect of the course.