Division of Pediatric Neonatology


About us:

The Division of Neonatology provides the latest technology and high quality care for newborn infants born at University Hospital, or transported by specially equipped ambulances to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Neonatology Service is a unique practice of Neonatologists that provides excellent care in the Newborn Nursery (28 beds), an Intermediate Nursery (24 beds) and an Intensive Care Nursery (24 beds). We are proud to be the first neonatal program in New Jersey to provide palliative care to pregnant families, newborn infants and their families. Our palliative care services include but are not limited to educational, emotional and bereavement support.

The division also provides strong clinical and teaching programs for students (medical and nursing), residents (pediatric, combined medicine and pediatric as well as emergency medicine), allied health professionals and physicians within the community. Board Certified Neonatologists provide 24hours in house clinical care and consultation for high risk neonates. Our NICU graduates continue to be followed in our High-risk clinic in collaboration with other specialists. These specialists include Pediatric Neurology, Child Development, Social Services, Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy and Nutrition.

We participate in the international Vermont Oxford Network that consists of 650 NICUs across the USA with a mission to improve the quality and safety of medical care for newborn infants and their families.

Our Neonatologists are involved in a variety of expanding research projects including but not limited to fetal development and nutrition in utero, various aspects of palliative care and treatment methods of drug withdrawal for infants born to substance abusing mothers.

For consultation and referrals: 973-972-5066