Program Structure




The program offers a three-year general pediatric residency which has been developed according to the guidelines of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). Successful completion of the residency qualifies the resident to apply to the ABP for certification. The three-year program in general pediatrics is, with rare exception, a prerequisite for further subspecialty training in pediatrics (fellowships).


All residents will rotate through University Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center since these services are totally integrated. Conference and rounding schedules at each site are quite similar. The daily routine varies from service to service (inpatient, outpatient, nursery, etc.). The basic format consists of morning report, daily attending rounds, daily teaching conferences, consultation rounds and weekly departmental Grand Rounds.


The structure of the residency for 2008-09 is as follows:



4-5 months Inpatient service
4-6 weeks Inpatient Night Team
1 month Normal Nursery
1 month Intermediate Nursery
1-2 months Emergency Department
1 month Child Development
1 month Subspecialty Elective
4 weeks Vacation



0-1 month Inpatient service
6-8 weeks Inpatient and PICU Night Team
1 month Emergency Department
1-2 months Pediatric Critical Care (PICU)
1-2 months NICU
1 month Pediatric Surgery
2 months Subspecialty Elective
1 month Community Based Adolescent Medicine
4 weeks Vacation




3 months Inpatient team leader
4 weeks Inpatient and PICU Night Team
1 month Emergency Department
1 month NICU
1 month PICU
3 months Subspecialty Elective
1 month Office Practice
4 weeks Vacation


All residents will spend one full day each week at their assigned Continuity Practice seeing patients in continuity, except during NICU, PICU, Intermediate Nursery, 5 East or inpatient team leader rotations, when continuity will be one half-day per week. Residents will be relieved of their patient care responsibilities on their assigned units during time spent in Continuity Practice. Residents on Night Team are excused from Continuity Practice.


Each resident will also have a one-day assignment to Matheny Medical and Educational Center.

Revised 9/08