Teaching Program

There are approximately three hours of structured teaching per day on each service; the format is tailored to the needs of the service.  Core conferences in Pediatrics are held daily Monday through Thursday at noon for all residents at all three sites.  Each subspecialty division presents six to ten conferences each year.  There are also weekly multidisciplinary case conferences and x-ray conferences at each site.  Monthly Mortality Review is held at University Hospital.

Weekly Grand Rounds are held at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.  There is also a biweekly Pediatric Surgical Conference attended by residents and attendings from both medical and surgical services.

Residents assigned to inpatient services attend daily Morning Report and attending rounds.  OPD staff conducts special Emergency Medicine conferences and daily chart review for ED residents.  There are daily Team Radiology Rounds on all services, during which each inpatient or outpatient team individually reviews its films from the preceding day with the pediatric radiologist.

Primary care teaching is accomplished through daily Continuity Practice conferences and an Office Practice series with participation by local practicing pediatricians.

All conference are regularly attended by the core general pediatric teaching faculty, with enthusiastic involvement of pediatric subspecialists, surgeons, pathologists and radiologists.  Active participation by resident staff is encouraged at all conferences.