All electives are 4:00 pm on Wednesdays with the exception of Basic Life Support.

Basic Life Support electives are available on Saturdays.

The elective program of the Mini Medical School is not required but encouraged. It is designed to assist students in their exploration of careers in medicine.  The electives are an opportunity for students to get a certification or gain practical knowledge and skills such as Basic Life Support, Bleeding Control, or Technology in Medicine, Surgical Knots, and Patient Mock Interview, among others. Those students seeking honors credit, electives are required to fulfill honors certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Any student who wishes to achieve 'Honors' at the graduation ceremony must:

A. No more than 1 absence from the Program
B. Participate in 3 electives or more
C. Score within the top 1/3 of the Final Quiz grades

Electives Options.  Electives will change pending schedule and availability.




American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

The AMWA is a local, national, and international organization committed to empowering women in medicine and bettering female health through education and service. This talk will focus on
communication and leadership skills that are vital for women who are interested in pursuing medicine.


Anatomy 101

Ever think about how cool it would be to dissect a cadaver in an anatomy lab? Well now you can get a quick glimpse into the life of a medical student.

Anatomy Lab or Preceptors

Basic Life Support (BLS)

We offer American Red Cross certification for basic life
support (such as CPR and other skills). This session is four hours in length.

BLS Trainers

Bleeding Control (BCON)

The members of the Bleeding Control interest group will teach about the fundamentals of proper bleeding control during urgent and non-urgent situations. You will learn proper bandaging techniques and how to use a tourniquet. This session includes props and interactive tutorials.

BCON Group

Navigating the College Application Process

Applying to college is hard! This workshop is aimed to help students prepare for their future. This workshop is aimed at alleviating some of the stress by providing you with practical advice on how to evaluate and track your activities and accomplishments.

Office for Diversity and Community Engagement


We've been staying at home, social distancing, wearing a mask for six months now, but why? This
elective will teach you the ins and outs about COVID-19, how we got to where we are today, and what
the future may look like


LMIG Presentation

Lifestyle Medicine is the evidence-based practice of helping individuals and families adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life. In this workshop, students will learn about healthy behaviors and habits to help positively influence their lifestyle.

LMIG Group

Mock Doctor-Patient Interviews

Students can use this opportunity to take what they've learned and apply it during a mock doctor-patient interview. Students will practice being doctors and interview Standardized Patients.
Note: students sign-up for this elective with their homeroom preceptor.


Technology in Medicine

Technology in medicine interest group members give a presentation about current tech topics relevant to healthcare.

Technology in Medicine Interest Group

Sight Savers

During the Sight Savers workshop, Dr. Ben and the rest of the team will go over the basic of Ophthalmology and show how and teach how to use several machines used at screenings by NJMS. With just a picture of your eye, Dr. Ben can tell you about your current state of health, personality type, and ancestry.

Sight Savers Group

Surgical Knot Tying

Members of the Surgical Interest group will give a presentation and interactive demonstration on surgical knot tying. Have a shoelace ready! This is taught by medical students and is a fun, casual introduction into the world of surgery.

Surgical Interest Group

University Hospital Tour

University Hospital staff members facilitate a guided tour of the hospital, designated Trauma Center, level 1, serving northern New Jersey.

University Hospital

Vital Signs

Students will have the opportunity to learn a "vital" skill in a workshop dedicated to learning how to take Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Respiratory Rate. Even at home, you will be able to practice these skills and gain a competitive advantage as they go through their journey to medicine.


*Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to the availability of volunteers

Requirements and Sign-Ups

  • MedChats
    • Open to all
    • Zoom links will be sent to the class the week of the event
  • Career Exploration Sessions
  • Navigating the College Application and Clinical Skills. (October 23rd 9 am-2 pm)
    • Requires registration: https://forms.gle/fHC2czjcAH2ZKy6w9
    • How to Navigate the College Application Process
    • Bleeding Control (BCON) and Anesthesia Interest Groups will lead workshops
      • 9-10 am and 10-11 am
    • Current NJMS student panel
      • 1-2 pm
    • You will received an additional Certificate of Completion for finishing the Clinical Skills workshop.
    • Zoom links will be sent out before the events


Information on Basic Life Support (BLS) Sign Ups

We offer American Red Cross certification for Basic Life Support (such as CPR and other skills). This session is IN-PERSON and taught by a third-party. There will be four sessions, each limited to 9 students, so sign-up ASAP. Classes will be held 10/16 8 AM-11 AM, 10/16 12 PM-3 PM, 11/13 8 AM-11 AM, 11/13 12 PM-3 PM. There is a lot of demand for this course, and spots will fill up quickly. Participation in the BLS course will cost $50 per student. Students MUST register online prior to the course, using the following registration link: https://uhnj.enrollware.com/schedule#ct137427. Once you are signed up, please fill out this MiniMed Google Form confirming with us that you are signed up: https://forms.gle/23pujks5JhNR32EG9. You will receive confirmation from University Hospital and NOT MiniMed. In that confirmation email, you will be provided the address for the facility. For your convenience, below you will find a map where the BLS training is located. MiniMed staff members WILL NOT be on site for the training. If you have any questions about location, logistics, etc. please contact the University Hospital Community Training Center office at 973-972-4373 or email uhctc@uhnj.org. And reminder: you MUST wear a mask for the training.