The Giuseppina Raviola, M.D., Ph.D. Endowment Fund

A new endowment, The Giuseppina Raviola MD, PhD Endowment has been established by Dr. Ellen Townes-Anderson to help junior investigators during the period around the birth or adoption of a child or a period when help with a family member is needed.

Dr. Raviola generously mentored and provided support for Dr. Townes-Anderson during the birth of her first child and thereby helped her remain in the sciences. She is currently a NJMS Professor of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Neurosciences. Dr. Townes-Anderson wishes to pay this generosity forward (see article in September PULSE magazine).

The endowment is specifically for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students at New Jersey Medical School, and their PIs. The monies can be used for

1) temporary technical support in the lab to help in carrying on the investigator's research project while the junior researcher is on family leave, or to help cover core facility expenses for the project,

2) childcare expenses

3) stipend support, to expand the support given by FMLA benefits or to lengthen the period of leave, or

4) any other related expense

The Application, which should be submitted jointly by the junior investigator and their PI, is available here. The program is administered by the Senior Associate Dean for School of Graduate Studies, Andrew Thomas, and the Faculty Organization. Monies (a maximum of $20,000 for the current year) are projected to support 1-2 junior researchers a year.

Queries about the program can be submitted to Andrew Thomas ( or Doreen Badheka (

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