Fees and Services

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Fixation/Preprocessing: $2.50/sample

Paraffin block preparation: $8/block (from trimmed, fixed sample)

Sections: $1.50/each (from paraffin block prepared by core facility) or $5/5 sects

Sections from existing block:  $2/each

5 sections from 1 fixed, trimmed block: $12/5 sects (prepared by facility)

Frozen tissue preparation: $15/sample

Cryostat section: $2.50/sect or $10/5 sects from single block  

H&E: $1.50/slide

Simple stains (PAS, Fe n , VVG, AFB, etc): $2.50/1st slide $2/adtl slides

Special stains (Trichrome, PASR, GMS): $5/1st slide $3.50/adtl slides

Immunofluorescent stains: $10/slide   (plus cost of Abs)

Immunoenzymatic stains: $15/slide (plus cost of Abs)

Fluorescent TUNEL for apoptosis: $15/slide