New Jersey Medical School In The News 2020

When And How Will Child Care Return?

New York Times – Dr. David Cennimo prepares parents for a future of uncertainty and risk that must be managed to maximize safety.

Connecting The Dots… From Diet To Disease – Dr. Ron Weiss offers a "teachable moment" about how our food system may impact our health.

Communities Of Color: Primary Care Challenges

TapInto – NJMS OB-GYN Dr. Damali Campbell wants doctors and legislators to collaborate to ensure that everyone has access to telemedicine.

Are Doctors Too Quick To Diagnose CTE?

US News – NJMS neurosurgeon Dr. Ira Goldstein discusses a new study examining NFL players who may have been misdiagnosed with CTE.

Essex County Honors Health Care Workers

Video – On April 22, law enforcement and first responders in Essex County held a parade to honor health care workers battling COVID-19 at Newark hospitals.

Getting COVID-19 Treatment To The Needy – Dr. Glenn Fennelly writes that COVID-19 treatments must be fully accessible to those on society’s margins, including the homeless, incarcerated and undocumented.

Coronavirus Does Not Discriminate By Weight

Wired – NJMS researcher Joy Cox weighs in on whether obesity increases the risk of COVID-19, as some say, or if existing social biases make public health disparities worse.

Home Cleaning Product Poisoning On The Rise

New York Times – Dr. Diane Calello discusses an increase in poisonings from misused household cleaning products.

Time To Get To Work: Early Graduation At NJMS — All final-year NJMS students will graduate in April rather than May, making them eligible to begin their residencies early and combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Is COVID-19 A Risk With Food Delivery?

Yahoo – Many people are afraid to have meals delivered. An NJMS expert offers his thoughts on staying safe and still eating your favorite foods.

Experts Discuss How To Tame Coronavirus

Newsy — "It's very important to minimize the risk to seniors in our population...What happens if one of your parents get sick?" An NJMS doctor has advice on fighting COVID-19.

“We signed up for taking care of people” — Two NJMS students talk about graduating medical school in the face of a public health crisis.

NJMS Team Evaluates New COVID-19 Test

Dr. David Alland led a research team in developing an innovative point-of-care test to detect COVID-19, the coronavirus disease that has affected citizens around the world.

Protecting kids with asthma from coronavirus

Chalkbeat – There are many similarities between COVID-19 and an asthma attack, and parents need to know how to keep their children safe.

I can’t taste my food. Do I have COVID-19?

My Central Jersey – Even if you have no other symptoms, losing your sense of taste or smell could be a sign of COVID-19, says NJMS otolaryngologist Dr. Rachel Kaye.

Can “herd immunity” work against coronavirus?

Fox News – If the majority of people in an area are immune to a disease, it will often recede. But will that work with COVID-19? Experts weigh in.

Pope Francis says put your smartphone away

MarketWatch – Emphasizing the importance of face-to-face communication with family, the pope says to put down your phone. NJMS researchers agree but for different reasons.

Can the flu shot give you the flu? [Video]

Patch - With flu season in full swing, watch as Dr. David Cennimo answers FAQs about this common infection.

In N.J.’s opioid crisis, jails are the broken link – In a candid QnA, Dr. Erin Zerbo discusses opioid addiction and the treatment people receive in jail

Looking back on 2019

NJMS Facebook – 2019 was an exciting year at NJMS. See for yourself by checking out our end of year review and other photo albums on Facebook.