New Jersey Medical School In The News 2019

NYC ordered mandatory vaccinations. Will NJ?

New York City officials declared a public health emergency, ordering mandatory vaccinations. Dr. David Cennimo contributes to the ongoing discussions about the measles outbreak in New Jersey.

Abortion remains a major campaign topic

Dr. Kristyn Brandi says the medically inaccurate and incendiary terms used are a tactic to spread misinformation and fear.

Autism rate climbed 43 percent in New Jersey

In collaboration with the CDC, Dr. Walter Zahorodny finds significant increase in the percentage of 4-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder in New Jersey.

High-Intensity Interval Training May Cause Injury

In a new study, Dr. Joseph Ippolito finds amateurs and athletes who perform high-intensity workouts without supervision are at increased risk for injury.

Reporting on and Responding to Measles Outbreaks

NJMS and NJ Dept. of Health experts explain the public health protocol for investigating a measles outbreak.

Court battles, lawsuits and the ongoing opioid crisis

In light of Purdue Pharma’s recent settlement with the state of Oklahoma, Dr. Lewis Nelson offers medical perspective on the opioid epidemic.

NJMS chosen for new opioid treatment center

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School has been selected by the State to create a Medicaid Centers of Excellence for opioid treatment.

Measles and mumps are still spreading. Should you be worried?

With NJ and several border states reporting outbreaks, Drs. Glenn Fennelly and David Cennimo discuss the impact of highly contagious viruses.

NJMS Students Launched Hotline for Burnout

While fourth-year students, Ragha Suresh, MD, and Varsha Radhakrishnan, MD, started the NJMS Peer Wellness Program, which includes a peer counseling phone line with an emphasis on connecting callers with peers who are familiar with the strains of medical school.

Expert Provide Insights on Measles

Dr. Glenn Fennelly teams up with Dr. Tina Tan from the NJ Dept. of Health for an in-depth conversation about issues of vaccination, individual state laws, exemption definitions, and the role clinicians and public health officials play in measles outbreaks.

Marijuana Vote Still Uncertain in NJ

Experts with NJMS contribute valuable medical perspectives to the ongoing debate about legalizing marijuana for retail and recreational use in New Jersey.

$1 Million Funding for HIV/Aids Treatment

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded Rutgers NJMS over a million dollars in federal funding to support treatments to individuals with HIV/AIDS.

‘All Natural’ ≠ Safe or Effective

Dr. Diane Calello shares her insights on how dietary supplements are not always as effective or safe as they seem.

Your Periods Are Trying To Tell You

From different flows to various cycle lengths, Dr. Kristyn Brandi discusses about menstrual cycles and what they are trying to tell you.

First-Year Students To Learn About ACEs Science

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are one of the many courses first-year students are required to take at Rutgers NJMS.

DNA Data Privacy Concerns

News 12 New Jersey - FamilyTreeDNA has confirmed sharing their customer’s data with the FBI. Dr. Beth Pletcher speaks more on the topic of data privacy.

Discussion of Opioid Crisis in NJ

New Jersey Now - A panel of experts, including Dr. Lewis Nelson, talk about the impact of the opioid crisis in New Jersey, and discuss plans for combating this epidemic. [VIDEO]

“Late-Term Abortions”

Insider - Dr. Kristyn Brandi provides in-depth insight on “late-term abortions” and the emotional effects they have on pregnant women.

Varied Outcomes in Facial Trauma Lawsuits

Futurity - A recent study, coauthored by Dr. Boris Paskhover, has found that the regional locations of a court may affect the outcome of facial trauma lawsuits.

NJMS Medical Student in ‘Survivor’

Bethesda Magazine - First-year medical student, Julia Carter, is featured in the 38th season cast of ’Survivor’ and talks about how her own personal experiences had inspired her to join the show.

Anti-Diarrhea Overdoses on the Rise

The Fix - Researchers have found that the number of Ioperamide overdoses has increased at an alarming rate over the course of five years. Dr. Diane Calello lends her expertise on the subject. (181 characters)

TamRx Technology

Crain’s Cleveland Business - A new biotech company is developing new technology that could potentially block tumor growth and stimulate the immune system to fight various cancer forms.

Debate on Marijuana Access

NJ Spotlight - The possible legalization of recreational marijuana in NJ is drawing concerns from health professionals. Medical experts, including Dr. Lewis Nelson, discuss the implications of legalization.

Bone Loss in Joint Implants

NJBIZ - Dr. William Gause and fellow researchers have discovered the long-sought reason that many people with joint replacements experience harmful inflammation and bone loss.

Opioid Addiction Eligible for Marijuana Program

The Inquirer - New Jersey has included opioid addiction on the list of illnesses that qualify for the medical marijuana program. Along with this, two opioid treatment centers of excellence are being developed, with one at NJMS.

Effects of Ecstacy – Dr. Diane Calello talks about the effects and symptoms of ecstasy after the death of a man who was in emotional distress.

Diversion Tactics

Asbury Park Press – A controversial practice of diverting ambulances to different hospital locations has caused concerns among some communities. Learn more about why this may be problematic.

Achoo! Is it a cold or flu?

Today – Dr. David Cennimo details the differences between cold and flu symptoms and discusses how to tell them apart.

Transparency Policy for Procedures

MarketWatch – While patients can now see the prices of certain medical procedures, there is debate on whether quantity of cost is valued more than quality of life.

Nationwide Injunction

Salon – Understanding the impact and implications of the nationwide injunction on employer provided no-cost birth control coverage. Physicians, including Dr. Kristyn Brandi, speak more on the topic.

Science Behind Selfies

Wired - Did you know that the distance you take your selfie can distort how you look? In this video, Dr. Boris Paskhover explains the perception of selfie photos.

The Fight Against Withdrawl - A recent report shows that people with opioid addiction have been using anti-diarrhea medication to combat the symptoms of withdrawal. Dr. Diane Calello discusses the risks of misusing medication.

Restriction on Miscarriage Medicine

NPR - While mifepristone can help facilitate miscarriages, accessibility to this medication is often difficult. Experts, including Dr. Kristyn Brandi, share their thoughts on the topic.

Standing Up Against Gun Violence

The Daily Targum - Dr. Stephanie Bonne discusses how gun violence and medicine go hand in hand after the NRA tweets that doctors should ‘stay in their lane’.

#DryJanuary- A Break From Booze

CNBC – Have you heard of #DryJanuary? It’s a month-long challenge to abstain from alcohol. According to experts, when taking a break from drinking, individuals experience improvements in health and...

Have You Taken the Plunge?

Press of Atlantic City - In conjunction with annual Polar Bear Plunge events, physicians discuss how icy temperatures effect the body. Dr. Andrew Berman warns about the risks of diving into cold water, including hyperventilation.

Integrative Approach to Healthcare

NJ Spotlight - Dr. Justin Sambol and other healthcare administrators examine the outcomes and benefits to patients of creating integrated healthcare networks.

Measles and More – With the recent outbreak in New Jersey, second-year medical student, Neil C. Bhavsar, suggests state policy vaccination reform and the public health impact of measles in this op-ed piece.

Fact or Fiction

STAT - Is it possible to be affected by Fentanyl through passive exposure? Dr. Lewis Nelson demystifies this phenomenon in his latest op-ed.