Chief Residents

Chief Residents

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Chief Residents 2018-2019

University Hospital


UH Chief Medical Resident

Eman Rashed is a true New Jersey native, born in Jersey City, and raised in Cranford, NJ.  She is one of four siblings, second to last, but for all intents and purposes the middle child. Her parents immigrated from Egypt to the states forty years ago, and she spent every summer in Cairo from the age of 7 until the grand age of 27. She attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark,NJ where she graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She then went on to attend Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, where she completed a dual degree MD/PhD program. Her hobbies are reading, brunching (breakfast is her favorite meal of the day :) and spending time with her family. Her clinical interests are critical care and cardiology, and her passions are humanitarian and medical mission work.


UH Chief Medical Resident

Justin Mathew (with ONE T) is a lifelong New Yorker, who was born and raised in the mean streets of Queens. Don’t be fooled by his big smile and inviting personality, as they mask his deep, deep, deep down hardened nature that comes from living next to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Long Island. After earning his bachelors in mathematics and realizing that he had no potential career as a Jeopardy contestant, he made the smarter decision to go to medical school at Stony Brook University. Just as he can't miss out on social events due to severe FOMO, he entertained many subspecialties during his training at Rutgers NJMS before discovering his passion for endocrinology and its ever-growing patient population. In his free time, he enjoys making fun of his friends, reading and watching anything (except Friends for some reason), and experiencing new foods.



Veterans Affairs


VA Chief Medical Resident

Natasha was born in a far, far away land of New York City, where she lived the young, hip city life until the age of two. Since then, she’s been a Jersey girl through and through. She spent her undergrad years at Rutgers New Brunswick and medical school at Rutgers NJMS. Rutgers realized they absolutely could not live without her, and Natasha could not commit to just one residency, so she stayed yet again as a Medicine-Pediatrics resident. She literally bleeds scarlet (blood cultures can prove it). Tash (as no one calls her) also has a side hustle as a model of bookish good looks and has graced both the undergraduate recruitment brochure and the New Brunswick Welcome Center! Her medical interests include ethics, palliative care, and medical education. A true renaissance woman, Natasha also is passionate about international medical work and has done medical missions in Haiti, Jordan, and Peru. In her limited free time, she loves to drink coffee, cook, bake, travel the world, and plan her future as a doctor by day and DJ by night.



VA Chief Medical Resident

Edward was born in Lagunillas, a small town in the east coast of Maracaibo’s Lake in Venezuela. However, he did not get seduced by the oil industry and never got black-gold fever. His inclinations were to health sciences, closely followed by music and guitar (not quite the Latin-version of Justin Bieber).  He earned his medical degree from University of Zulia in Venezuela, practiced medicine for 2 years and was heavily involved in endocrine-metabolic research since he was a medical student. In 2013 he moved the windy city, switching from mean temperatures of ~90-100F in Maracaibo, to surviving the third coldest winter in Chicago’s history – “OMG! The water of my toilet is frozen!” He didn’t know winter is coming. He lived in a small igloo near Michigan Lake while participating in cardiology research at Rush University. For his residency, he chose to move to New Jersey and join Rutgers- NJMS. During his leisure time, you can find him playing acoustic and electric guitar at home or attending Juilliard free student concerts in NYC.



Hackensack University Medical Center


HUMC Chief Medical Resident

Sejal is a native of North Carolina. She is the oldest (albeit smallest) of three siblings. After receiving a degree in Economics at Duke University, she decided medicine was her true calling and moved to sunny Grenada to attend St. George's University. Her clinical years took her to Brooklyn, NY and her love for the big city led her to pursuing residency at Rutgers - NJMS. She is interested in academic medicine and hopes to pursue a fellowship in hematology and oncology. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, trying all kind of food (read: carbs) New York City has to offer, and is planning a big fat Indian wedding.



HUMC Chief Medical Resident

Jieqi (but please call her Janice as it saves everyone the awkwardness of it being mispronounced) was born a short distance away, in an area known as China. She came to the United States as a child and had so much trouble choosing a favorite state that she ended up living in New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, California, and New Jersey. After briefly working in a clinic to help underserved rich women get pregnant in their 40s, she went to Stony Brook University for medical school to try and do more good in the world, with a plan to eventually work in hematology/oncology. She came to Rutgers - NJMS for residency to work at University Hospital, be near her husband, and avoid NYC rent. In her free time she loves to eat, a hobby that she’s so dedicated to that she’s currently training for a marathon in order to burn off all the calories.