The Office of Clinical Affairs

Our primary focus is to ensure the effective and efficient operation of all clinical departments within Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Acting as a central hub, our office serves as the go-to authority for clinical departments, facilitating streamlined communication, improved coordination, and enhanced patient care quality. We take pride in overseeing and managing all clinical practices at NJMS, encompassing crucial areas such as quality improvement, credentialing, physician oversight, HIPAA regulatory compliance, patient satisfaction, financial and operational management, as well as policy and procedure standardization.

With a dedicated team, we provide comprehensive support to over 300 NJMS clinical faculty members. Our goal is to cultivate an environment that fosters clinical instruction, advances medical knowledge, delivers exceptional healthcare services to the community, and supports the professional growth of our NJMS staff.


Our Team

Justin T. Sambol, MD, FACS
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs


Toni Allen, MPA, OHCC
Special Assistant to the Sr. Associate Dean
P: 973-972-1812


Kent Mathisen, MHA
Associate Dean for Clinical Operations
P: 973-972-8214

  Odemaris Valencia
Program Assistant to the Office of Clinical Affairs
P: 973-972-6709
Sandra Weisser, MSEd, ATC
Clinical Operations Manager
P: 973-972-6409
Sarah Healy, MPH
Director, Special Projects & Strategic Initiatives
P: 973-972-1841
Milly Moya
Charge Entry Supervisor