Tissue Culture

The tissue culture (T.C.) facility is located on the H level and is available to all the laboratories that reside in the Cancer Institute of New Jersey-Newark. It is centrally managed by Mr.Tinghui Hu, Ph.D. and is equipped with 22 incubators (including two dual gas incubators), 14 biosafety cabinets (including 4 ducted cabinets for viral studies), incubator shakers and shared instrumentation. The facility also offers “house made” culture media, serum, tissue culture reagents and plastic-ware that are available at bulk discount prices for the faculty in the building. The carbon dioxide supply for the incubators is centrally managed, and the incubators, hoods and all equipment are maintained by the tissue culture facility. Each T.C. area is equipped with a water bath, a light microscope, pipettors and storage space for each laboratory. In addition to the shared use T.C. facility, the open laboratory spaces have 5 T.C. alcoves per floor (totaling an additional 20 incubators and 15 biosafety cabinets) that are fully equipped, managed and maintained through this facility.

The following equipment is available for shared use:

Beckman T2 cell counter
ViCell counterBiorad
Cell Shakers/Incubators
Zeiss Axiovision fluorescence inverted microscope equipped with time lapse, cell localization, and FRET/FRAP software. Equipped with both a color (for histology imaging) and black and white CCD camera
Motic Fluorescence Microscope

In addition to the general upkeep and maintenance, Dr. Tinghui Hu will provide training in T.C. techniques and advice in cell line generation. The facility is also supporting the live animal imaging core via supply of cancer cell lines that stably express luciferase, as well as a vector for generation of cell lines that stably express luciferase in vivo. Luciferin substrate is also stocked.

Please contact Dr. Tinghui Hu with any questions regarding the T.C.F. at th365@njms.rutgers.edu, or 973-972-6862

Central Glass Wash and Autoclave Facility (GAF)

The central glass wash and autoclaving facility operates under the management of the T.C.F. This facility offers full support to the laboratories and core facilities for glass wash, autoclaving and T.C. waste management.All treatments are tailored to the individual laboratory needs by Ms. Muhammadi-Cabrera. The option of soap or no soap for glass wash is available via a soap free glass washer.

The T.C.F. is proud to be an environmentally friendly facility. Glass, reusable pipettes are washed, autoclaved and plugged by the central glass-wash facility for all the research laboratories. Use of plastic is kept to a minimum and recycled where possible.

For more information on glass-wash or autoclaving protocols, please contact Naima at muhammn2@njms.rutgers.edu or 2-0553.

Naima Muhammadi-Cabrera