Our Commitment to our Community

For us at NJMS, community service is not just a passion, it’s our mission.

Throughout our existence in Newark, we have worked to build relationships within the community that are based on mutual respect and a shared desire to improve the lives of those who dwell in the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to offering top notch medical care to our patients, we frequently send our students, faculty and staff into local communities to provide healthcare services, screenings and education; mentoring opportunities; and counseling.

Some of our most high-profile community-based efforts are led by our talented students. Placed above the 90th percentile for underrepresented minority enrollment, New Jersey Medical School’s student body is one of the most ethnically diverse among medical schools in America. As such, whether volunteering with the school’s Student Family Healthcare Center — the nation’s oldest student-run clinic — or mentoring teenage mothers under the sage guidance of our first-rate faculty and staff, our students bring into the community a strong level of compassion, empathy and genuine respect for the people they encounter. This brand of service learning gives our students the types of experiences that help them to become humanistic doctors.

NJMS students, our faculty and staff help to run programs like: The Young Fathers’ program, which counsels young fathers on how to become responsible parents who are actively involved in their children’s lives; RESPIRA, a program that helps improve the respiratory health of Latino children; and numerous pipeline programs that work with kids of all backgrounds to fuel their interests in science and medicine.

Learn more about our various community-based programs by clicking through the links on this page.