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Welcome to the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Web Site

This web portal was developed by Dr. Pranela Rameshwar, Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology-Oncology. The site is intended to provide educational materials on the biology and translation of stem cell. Members of the student stem cell educational society (SCES) of Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences (RBHS) have contributed to the development and the contents.

The course material is useful for clinical application for stem cell and for those in training such as residents and fellows. A comprehensive collection of FAQ's serves as a great resource and starting point for those seeking general information. Much of the information provided within the FAQ's is directly referenced, enabling interested parties to locate the associated primary literature for greater detail. Further, the Recommended Articles section contains a list of relevant articles sorted by category. Due to space limit it is impossible to list all of the articles and any omission is not deliberate. The reader is recommended to access other databases for further information on stem cell biology.

The Resources section is a great `jump-off' point for nearly all visitors seeking additional information. This section includes News Resources, various Reports and much more.

The Current News section provides the latest news stories surrounding stem cell research and regenerative medicine. For additional news, please visit the News Resources section.

Research professionals are encouraged to visit the Seminar Series and Information for Researchers sections.

Please direct any questions regarding content or the seminar series to Dr. Pranela Rameshwar, course director of the stem cell course and Professor of Medicine, New Jersey Medical School.


The information provided in the site is purely scientific with the information cited from peer-reviewed literature. Although we attempt to update the information frequently, it is likely that our busy schedule does not allow us to be current. The reader is encouraged to also review to literature.

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