1. What is the House Staff Council?

The house staff council represents all residents and fellows training at NJMS.  We help to provide a voice for house staff with administration, and meet on a monthly basis to discuss concerns and generate ideas to improve the GME experience.  We help to facilitate communication among house staff, NJMS, and our affiliate hospital sites.

2. How can I get involved in the House Staff Council?

Any resident or fellow currently training at NJMS can participate. Your program director/chief resident(s) may already have assigned interested individuals to join the council; frequently, though, there are available spots from each program.  The best way to get involved is to contact both your program director/chief resident(s) and the house staff council directly at residentscouncil@njms.rutgers.edu. We should be able to facilitate your participation and membership.

3. If I am not part of House Staff Council and wish to send ideas/concerns about a particular issue, how can I go about doing so?

You can contact the house staff council at residentscouncil@njms.rutgers.edu and we will get back to you.  Alternatively, you can attend our monthly meeting. We commonly meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 am in the H-Yellow Conference Room at University Hospital.

4. What issues has the House Staff Council assisted with recently?

Recently, the council has helped to address concerns regarding meal cards, parking, duty hours, and many other issues. The council has also helped facilitate volunteer experiences and held small charity drives.

5. If I want to host a house staff member event, inform other house staff members about a community service experience, or pass any information along, can the house staff council help?

Yes we can. You can directly contact the resident council at (residentscouncil@njms.rutgers.edu). We can help facilitate the process.

6. If I am emotionally unwell, experiencing personal problems, or struggling with stressors in my life and do not wish to discuss it with my program, will the house staff council be able to help?

We recommend seeking immediate medical attention if you have any thoughts of hurting yourself or others.  Otherwise, Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care has a wellness program that is very good, easily accessible, free, and fully confidential. The 24 hour crisis line is 1-800-327-3678. The Newark office number is 973-972-5429. They have a wide breadth of expertise. If requested, we can provide contact information of individuals within GME who can direct you to further resources.