Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in SHPEP?
SHPEP is a free, six-week hybrid academic enrichment program. All books and reading materials are at no cost to the participant. Dinner is also provided for all scholars at Rutgers University-Newark, five days a week, and is fully subsidized by the program.

Is there funding support for scholars’ travel?
To be considered for travel assistance, scholars must live more than 200 miles from the RU SHPEP site for partial air travel and more than 100 miles away for partial reimbursement of car or bus travel.

Where will scholars be housed?
Scholars are housed at the Rutgers University Square Apartments in Newark, New Jersey.

How is the stipend distributed? 
A $500 stipend per scholar will be distributed in two installments. 

  • The first installment of $500 will be distributed during the second week of the program. 
  • The second installment of $500 will be distributed during the fourth week of the program. 

Meals:  Accepted scholars will also receive a $200 meal stipend for breakfast and lunch for the four-week residential portion of the program.

When does SHPEP program start?
The program will begin on June 12, 2023, and end on July 21, 2023. 

How are scholars placed for academic enrichment?
Scholar placement for academic enrichment is based on their academic transcript and/or the grades received in particular science courses.  For example:  If a scholar has taken one of the science courses identified in the curriculum and received a grade of “C” or lower, the scholar will be tracked into that course in order to provide the scholar the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the course material.

How do the Scholars travel between Rutgers campuses?
Transportation between campuses is provided by the Rutgers shuttle.  Scholars can catch the Rutgers shuttle on University Avenue near Conklin Hall which is to the right of University Square apartments. 

What should I wear?
All scholars are expected to have a neat appearance suitable for a professional environment.  Since classrooms can be quite cool, we highly recommend that scholars bring a jacket or sweater with them when coming to campus.

Does SHPEP offer health insurance?
The program does not offer health insurance to the scholars.  Scholars are expected to bring their own health insurance cards to the program. This is necessary in the event of a medical emergency or if medical attention is needed.