Mini Med School
(Pre-Medical Honors Program) Electives

All electives are 4:00 pm on Wednesdays with the exception of Basic Life Support.
Basic Life Support electives are available on Saturdays on 10/12, 10/26, and 11/2

The elective program of the MiniMed School (Pre-Health Honors Program) is not required and is designed to assist students in their exploration of careers in medicine.  The electives are an opportunity for students to get a certification or gain practical knowledge and skills such as Basic Life Support, Bleeding Control, or Technology in Medicine, among others. Those students seeking honors credit, electives are required to fulfill honors certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Any student who wishes to achieve ‘Honors’ at the graduation ceremony must:

A. No more than 1 absence from the Program
B. Participate in 3 electives or more
C. Score within the top 1/3 of the Final Quiz grades





Surgical Knot Tying

Surgical interest group members hold a lecture and an interactive demonstration on surgical knot tying.

Surgical Interest Group

Bleeding Control

Bleeding control interest group members teach about the fundamentals of proper bleeding control.

BCON Interest Group

University Hospital Tour

University Hospital staff members facilitate a guided tour.

UH Faculty

Basic Life Support

American Red Cross certification for Basic Life Support.

BLS Trainers

Personalized Medicine and Genetics

Mini Med preceptors give a presentation that introduces genetics and personalized medicine.

Mini Med Preceptors

Technology in Medicine

Technology in medicine interest group members give a presentation about current tech topics relevant to healthcare.

Technology in Medicine Interest Group

Patient Mock Interviews

Mini Med students can play the role of a physician in a mock patient-doctor interview.

Mini Med Preceptors