The curriculum provides hands on experiences, use of technology for research, oral and written presentations, interpersonal communication skill enhancement and teamwork & leadership.  All math and science topics are consistent with NJ core curriculum standards. 
The program consists of: 

  • Hands on activities via applied science, mathematics and technology 
  • Problem solving and critical thinking 
  • Oral and written presentations 
  • Cohort based exploration of medicine and science 
  • Career exploration 
  • Teamwork and leadership training 

Students will: 

  • Develop superior personal expectations 
  • Enhance performance to achieve greater academic success 
  • Strengthen science and math knowledge 
  • Gain life skills necessary for future success 
  • Acquire knowledge of a variety of health careers 

In addition, during the summer program, students participate in educational field trips and College and career fairs. 

Our program will consist of an interactive virtual and in-person schedule. Program expectations apply to all activities. Once accepted, you will receive additional rules regarding virtual learning. 
SMART applicants are recruited statewide. Applicants must demonstrate an:  

  • Average or above average academic ability 
  • Good school attendance 
  • Curiosity in medicine and health science 
  • Motivation to attain academic success 

Once the application for a given session (winter or summer) is opened, completed applications are reviewed by the selection committee as they are received for admission to the program. 

This means the program may be full before the deadline. You should not wait until the deadline to complete your application.