Women of Excellence
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Who We Are:
The Women of Excellence is a coalition of underrepresented minority, female faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students in the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) community. We are dedicated to supporting the personal and professional growth and development of underrepresented women in medicine throughout their training at NJMS.  

Our Mission:
The Women of Excellence aims to promote diversity and inclusion by bringing awareness to pertinent issues. By facilitating healthy dialogue, we will engage underrepresented students and promote participation and involvement throughout the larger underrepresented Rutgers community. Through multilevel and interdisciplinary participation, we intend to develop a professional network from which students can seek support and guidance by drawing on the experiences and perspectives of those who have ventured journeys in medicine and the sciences.

Our Vision:
The Women of Excellence is a family of scholars, organized to encourage one another from within and utilize knowledge, resources, and experiences to aid in the personal and professional growth of our underrepresented women in medicine. We hope to nurture our current and future generations of healthcare professionals at NJMS on their path to success in order to create and foster an environment that reflects the community that we serve, promote health equity and social justice, and provide necessary academic and emotional support.