Group & Individual Health Plans

Disclaimer: Please note your Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Faculty Practice physician may not participate in the health plans listed below. To verify if an individual physician is participating in one of these health plans, please search Rutgers NJMS Faculty Practice Physician Referral System (also known as Find a Doctor) or contact the physician's office directly. You may also contact your health plan to confirm current insurance plan participation. Thank you for your interest in our services.


NJMS Faculty Group Agreements Individual Health Plan Agreements

(The majority but not all of our providers participate with the plans below.  Please click here [Find a Doctor] to see if your provider participates with your plan.)

(Participation varies by individual provider.  Please click here [Find a Doctor] to see if your provider participates with your plan.)



See additional notes below

  • Affordable Care Act
  • * Medicaid/Medicare
    • Visit these websites for more information and resources related to Medicare & Medicaid services:
      • Information and resources from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services.
      • Information to manage your healthcare, research insurance coverage, and learn about how the Affordable Care Act impacts you.
      • Information for children in need of healthcare coverage (up to age 19).
  • † Multiplan
    • Contract includes Worker's Compensation, not Auto Insurance.
  • § Rutgers Student Health
    • Effective 8/1/2013, Rutgers students with UHC Student Resources insurance have access to NJMS Faculty Practice physicians and University Hospital as Preferred Providers through our relationship with Multiplan. The Multiplan logo is on the student health ID card.
    • For Rutgers/Legacy UMDNJ students- Our contract with Aetna Student Health expired 7/31/2013.