Sample Requirements

Sample can be submitted as gel band, solution, tissue and cell pellet.

For SDS-PAGE sample, the gel should be fixed using 50% methanol in 10% acetic acid for 1 hour prior to staining. The gel should be stained either by Coomassie blue or fluorescence dyes, such as SYPRO Ruby. You may either submit the whole SDS-PAGE, or excised gel bands. When excise gel band, avoid the contaminations from dust or keratin, work under clean conditions in the whole process. The excised gel band should be put into an Eppendorf tube with a drop of ddH2O. If you sending the whole SDS-PAGE, please wrap the gel with Saran Wrap and ship it to us in room temperature.

For solution sample, the minimum amount of individual protein is 25 fmol. Please provide the buffer composition and protein concentration prior to sample submission. Please keep the samples frozen with dry ice.

For tissue samples, please remove the blood before frozen. The samples should be shipped to us on dry ice.

For cell pellet samples, please wash the cells with 1X PBS before collect the cells. Please send the sample with dry ice.

For iTRAQ or TMT analysis, please avoid the primary amine in samples preparation. To prevent protein degradation, you may add 1X protease inhibitor cocktail. Please also provide the buffer composition and keep the samples frozen with dry ice.

Please send us samples along with a complete sample submission form indicating service item, sample information, contact information, gel image and billing information (For Internal users, please include Project number and UDO string number. For External users, please include a copy of PO). You may find the service order form at:

If you have questions about the sample preparation, please contact Dr. Tong Liu by email ( or phone (973-972-5340) before sending us your samples.