Medical Scholars Program with Example Curricula for MS and MBS

The Medical Scholars Program is designed for students interested in applying to medical school, including schools of osteopathic medicine, and to other health related professions such as physician assistant. In contrast to post-baccalaureate coursework, the Medical Scholars Program leads to a graduate degree (Master of Science or Master of Biological Science) that can also be used as a qualification for other careers. 

Additional advantages of the GSBS-Newark Medical Scholar's Program include: 

Assignment to an experienced clinical advisor
Training for volunteer positions at the University Hospital Emergency Room and along side medical students in the Newark community
Opportunity to take medical courses and be graded with New Jersey Medical School students (limited enrollment)
Complete degree in one year, or follow a less intense 3-4 semester program
Even in non-thesis master's degree, students obtain research experience with medical school faculty
Personalized advice from the Office of Admissions at NJ Medical School
A guaranteed interview at NJ Medical School by earning a 3.6 GPA after at least 20 credits and an MCAT of at least 127 in each section (must be permanent resident or citizen of the US)