General Degree Requirements of the Master's Programs

30 credits with a grade point average of “B” or better.

MS (Master of Science in Biomedical Science) - 25 credits of course work, plus original laboratory research culminating in a written thesis (5 credits) acceptable to an advisory committee and the graduate school (thesis research option).

MBS (Master of Biomedical Science) - 30 credits of coursework and maintain a “B” average.

All master's students must take:

1.  Seminar in Biomedical Sciences OR Oral Biology Research Seminar (1 credit)

2.  Research in Biomedical Sciences  Research rotation  (2 credits) [students who have done previous research can obtain an exemption from this requirement, fulfilling the 2 credits with another course]. Click here for more information.

3.  Any two of the following three 3-credit courses: 
Fundamentals in Biomedical Sciences A Biochemistry* (Fall)
Fundamentals in Biomedical Sciences B - Cell Biology (Spring)
Fundamentals of Human Physiology# (Spring) 

Several dental and medical courses, each of which requires permission, can substitute for one or more of the courses in category 3, as described below:
*Dental Biochemistry or Medical Biochemistry & Genetics can substitute for Fundamentals in Biomedical Sciences A
#Dental Physiology can substitute for Fundamentals in Human Physiology

Elective Courses as required to attain sufficient credits to graduate.  A complete list of available graduate courses can be found in the Spring and Fall Course Listings on the Course Information web page. By selecting specific sets of elective courses, students can also complete a concentration within their Master's degree, with current offerings in Neuroscience, Oral Biology, Pharmacological Sciences and Stem Cell Biology.