Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Research Office



Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Research
William Gause, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Research
Deborah Lazzarino, PhD, Assistant Dean for Research
David Alland, MD, Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Patricia Dalton, JD,  Director of Research Policy
Sayeeda Suber, Administrative Analyst and Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Research
Giovanna Comer, Program Manager and Assistant to the Assistant Dean for Research
Center for Advanced Proteomics Research
Hong Li, PhD, Director
Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Nancy Reilly, RN, MS, Executive Director, Clinical Research Unit
Experimental Histology
Advanced Mircroscopic Imaging Core
Luke Fritzky, Manager
Joan Durbin, MD, PhD, Professor and Scientific Director
Faculty Mentoring Program
Flow Cytometry & Immunology Core Laboratory
Patricia Fitzgerald-Bocarsly, PhD, Scientific Director and RBHS Provost
James Oleske, MPH, MD, Medical Director
Sukhwinder Singh, PhD, Assistant Professor
The Genomics Center
Patricia Soteropoulos, PhD, Director Research Genomics Laboratory
James Dermody, PhD, Director, Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
Graduate Medical Research Program
Physician Scientist Skills Program
Padmini Salgame, PhD, Director