Faculty Wellness

NJMS Faculty Vitality Taskforce

The NJMS Faculty Vitality Taskforce, established in the spring of 2018, is integral to NJMS' commitment to faculty well-being.  This committee includes designated NJMS faculty members, "Faculty Wellness Champions", who act as representatives and change agents for each academic department.

At NJMS, we embrace our mission to meet the needs of the local and global community through outstanding education, pioneering research, cutting edge clinical care and public service.  The Faculty Vitality Taskforce fully recognizes the need for a resilient and diverse faculty of physicians and scientists to meet the goals to which we aspire, and is committed to:

  • continuing to monitor the well-being and engagement of our faculty
  • paying regular attention to faculty well-being in school leadership meetings
  • expanding our mentoring, peer support and faculty development programs to build resilience and career satisfaction
  • paying close attention to specific needs of underrepresented faculty groups
  • working collaboratively with the larger University and our clinical practice groups and partners to support provider well-being and improve the efficiency of clinical practices
  • fostering a culture of faculty well-being at our institution
  •  Our faculty are our greatest asset; faculty well-being is vital to our mission

Co-chaired by Dr. Dr. Chantal Brazeau and Maria Soto-Greene, the Taskforce consists of the following members:

Dr. Rania Aziz – Anesthesiology         
Dr. Shinichi Oka – Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine
– Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine
Dr. John Bogden – Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Dr. Pankaj K. Agarwalla – Neurological Surgery
Dr. Xue Ming – Neurology
Dr. Bernadette Cracchiolo – Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Larry Frohman - Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Dr. Michael Vives– Orthopedics
Dr. Robert Jyung – Otolaryngology
Dr. Mark Galan – Pathology
Dr. Iona Monteiro – Pediatrics
Dr. Novneet Sahu – Emergency Medicine
Dr. Emmanuelle Ruocco – Family Medicine
Dr. Manasa Ayyala – Internal Medicine
Dr. Onajovwe Fofah – Pediatrics
Dr. Christine Rohowsky-Kochan – Pharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciences
Humaira Ashraf – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Rashi Aggarwal – Psychiatry
Dr. Joshua "Josh" Dym – Radiology
Dr. Abhishek Kumar – Radiology
Dr. Malcolm Mattes – Radiation Oncology
Dr. Dr. Ashley Ignatiuk – Surgery