Ambulatory Anesthesia

The ambulatory surgical center at Rutgers, located in the Doctors Office Complex, is an outpatient unit with 5 operating rooms and its own admission area and recovery room. The unit functions as a free standing center in proximity to University Hospital and the medical center. Approximately 6510 same day surgery procedures are performed each year.

The unique needs of the ambulatory patient are well served in this area. Preoperative patient assessment by the anesthesiologist determines the feasibility and safety of performing a procedure in the outpatient setting. Anesthetic management is planned in order to provide a smooth and rapid recovery allowing the patient to return home on that day. The anesthesiology team determines the readiness of the patient to be released from the recovery room.

The rapid pace of this environment as well as the variety of the patient population and mixture of cases define the experience in this area. The steadily increasing volume reflects national trends toward an increase in outpatient surgery.

Pre Admission Testing

The preadmission testing area is staffed by a member of the Department of Anesthesiology on a full time basis. Consultative and routine preoperative testing and teaching services are provided.