Thank you for your interest in the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Anesthesiology Residency Program.

The Mission Statement of our department is to serve our diverse community by striving to continuously improve the delivery of outstanding perioperative care in a rich context of education, research and clinical service. We aim to accomplish this by working hand in hand with our residents to create an environment that is both intellectually stimulating and nurturing of the many talents which our residents bring forth. Our faculty, under the leadership of Dr. Alex Bekker, MD, Professor and Chair, is dedicated to providing superior resident training for preparing future leaders in the practice of anesthesiology by serving as both educators and mentors. Although clinical training occurs at three separate sites, the main teaching site is University Hospital in Newark, a Level One Trauma Center. Here, the residents are exposed to a plethora of complex cases ranging from routine elective surgeries on patients with multiple comorbidities to a high volume of trauma cases. In addition, our ambulatory center offers a mix of more simple, outpatient procedures.  Clinical exposure is also supplemented with three hours of protected weekly didactics and a robust simulation program, preparing our graduates for all components of the American Board of Anesthesiology path to certification. Lastly, as residency is a time of immense personal and professional growth, our Wellness Curriculum ensures that while navigating through their training, residents are able to achieve success and maintain a healthy work-life balance. After completing the residency, each graduate will not only master of all aspects of perioperative care and be prepared for the independent practice of clinical anesthesia, most importantly, they will do it with integrity and pride.  Our graduates have a strong track record of obtaining competitive fellowship positions in all subspecialties, finding excellent employment opportunities in both academic and private-practice setting, and achieving ABA certification.  We hope you will consider us so we can demonstrate the merits of our program.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Drs. Eloy and Naftalovich
Program and Assistant Program Director


FAQs: Applying to the Residency Program

How do I apply?

We accept applications only through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) . Our application requirements are the same as the standard ERAS application: the application, CV, personal statement, Medical Student Performance Evaluation (Dean's letter), transcript, and three letters of recommendation.

Can I submit an application directly to the Department?


No, all applications must be submitted through ERAS ,

How many residents are in your program?


The ACGME has certified our program for 36 residents in training, in addition to 1 fellow. Our program is a diversified program consisting of highly qualified American and International graduates.

What percentage of your residents are IMG?



Are there special requirements for graduates of foreign schools?


IMGs must be ECFMG certified to be considered for a position. Graduates of non- LCME accredited schools must submit an ECFMG status report via ERAS.

Is U.S. clinical experience a requirement for IMGs?


It is very helpful and desirable for the applicant to have successfully demonstrated outstanding medical knowledge and U.S. clinical skills. Observerships are not a substitute.

Does the Department enforce a cutoff score for USMLE Step 1 and 2 exam results when reviewing applications?


The Department does not make its decision solely based on scores, and takes into consideration many factors. We do, however, receive applications from many highly qualified applicants. Challenged with a limited number of interview slots, the Selection Committee must, therefore, strongly consider competitive Step scores in their decision.

Is USMLE Step 3 a requirement to apply to your residency program?


No. However, candidates accepted into our program are required to pass the USMLE Step 3 and provide a copy of the results by May 1st of the PGY-1 year in order to matriculate into the Anesthesiology residency program.

Do you require any research experience?



Is there a graduation cut off year?


In general, the Resident Selection Committee uses a five year cutoff in considering applications. However, there is no absolute cut-off and the Committee will apply additional scrutiny to those applicants who are not engaged in clinical work and to those interested in retraining in a new field.

What is your application deadline?


Applications must be received by the ERAS post office no later than 12/1.

How will I be notified that my application has been reviewed?


We give all applications careful scrutiny, which takes time. You will then be notified via ERAS of invitation to interview or if additional time is needed to review your application.

How will I be notified that I have been selected for an interview?


You will be notified via ERAS, with specific instructions on scheduling your interview.

What dates are available for interviews?


We interview every Monday, from November through the 1 st week in February.

How many applicants do you interview?


We interview 10 applicants each interview day.

How is the interview day conducted?

Our residents host a pre-interview dinner preceding your interview day. In a casual setting, we like to give candidates an opportunity to meet with current residents to discuss our training program and life in the area. Vegetarian selections are included on the menu.

Interviews will be conducted on each Monday through the first week in February. The day will begin at 8:00am with an introduction to the program, followed by interviews with selected faculty, and a tour of University Hospital. The day will conclude at approximately 1:00pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.