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Alex Y. Bekker, MD Professor and Chair
Alex Y. Bekker, MD,
Professor and Chair
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The Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School has a long tradition of providing excellent care with respect, professionalism, and integrity to the diverse population of Northern New Jersey. We are committed to placing a service to human health at the center of an academic culture.

"What's In a Name?"

Our Department is the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care.  What does that mean? Why not simply the department of Anesthesiology? The delivery of surgical care is undergoing unprecedented changes. Ambulatory surgery comprises approximately 65% of surgery in the United States today. Hospitals are dominated by monitored and critical care beds, with patients who are older and sicker. The ever expanding role of anesthesiologists includes not only traditional intraoperative care, but also preadmission assessment, postoperative management, acute and chronic pain control, care of critically ill patients in intensive care units, as well anesthetic consultations for postoperative complications. Of overarching importance is to realize the goal of delivering optimal care through an unwavering commitment to and respect for our core: individual dignity, adherence to standards of excellence, and availability to the extended community.

"I Say There Is No Darkness but Ignorance"

Patient-oriented clinical and basic science research is an essential component of our mission. We have an outstanding publication record, which includes articles in Nature Neuroscience, Anesthesiology, Pain, Journal of Clinical Investigations, and Anesthesia & Analgesia to name a few.

Our clinician-scientists have significantly impacted the field of clinical pharmacology, the monitoring of technology and pharmacokinetics, neuroanesthesia, neuropharmacology and pain control. Our innovative research in understanding the relationship between surgical stress and outcome is broadly recognized by the anesthesia community.

Dr. Tao, an internationally recognized authority in Neuroscience and Pain Research leads our Basic Science Laboratories. His research focuses on better understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuropathic pain.  Additional areas of interest include research on the mechanisms of addiction (Dr. Ye), on understanding the role of Ca-channels in pain plasticity (Dr. Hu), and on elucidating mechanisms of neurodegeneration (Dr. Hilfiker). We are proud to announce that Dr. Pan, world renown investigator in the area of pain control and opioid pharmacology, has joined our Research team. The departmental Basic Research is currently supported by five (5) NIH RO1 grants.

Dr. Eloy, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs leads our Clinical Research Program. The Department participates in several multicenter and investigator initiated clinical trials supported by the industry.

"Praise Us As We Are Tested, Allow Us As We Prove"

Our faculty is fully committed to providing learning opportunities for our residents. Our residency program prepares broadly trained anesthesiologists who are capable of caring for patients undergoing a wide range of procedures, including trauma, complex transplantation surgery, interventional neurovascular surgery, obstetric and pediatric services, and pain management. Our residents routinely obtain fellowships of their choice in world-renowned medical centers. The department strongly encourages and supports residents' participation in research, and it is common that multiple residents are sent to present at major anesthesiology meetings each year.

As a department we are committed to delivering the highest quality of care for our patients and the most comprehensive training for our residents and fellows. Patients and applicants alike, are invited to learn more about The Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.