Regional Anesthesia

The Section of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management provides regional anesthetics and acute perioperative pain management for both University Hospital and the Doctors Office Center Same Day Surgery facility. Regional techniques combined with multimodal analgesia are employed to provide the best pain control and speed recovery time.

Residents spend a one month elective focusing on the perioperative management of nerve blocks, including indwelling catheters for orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, and general surgery patients. During this time the residents gain proficiency in both ultrasound guided and nerve stimulator techniques for many blocks including Interscalene block, Supraclavicular block, Infraclavicular block, Axillary block, Lumbar Plexus block, Femoral block, various Sciatic block approaches, and Paravertebral blocks. Residents also round on the Acute Pain Service during this month, which aims to improve pain control, outcomes, and enhance recovery after surgery. Weekly lectures are provided to solidify resident understanding of anatomy and ultrasound imaging.

Daniel Eloy, MD
Patrick Discepola, MD
Michal Gajewski, DO
Vanny Le, MD
Ross Moore, MD
Anthony Sifonios, MD