MIRDcell V3


MIRDcell Click on picture at left to go to the link to download .  MIRDcell V3. This software, released by the MIRD Committee of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, is intended for use by the nuclear medicine research community for the purpose of evaluating cellular radiation absorbed doses and surviving fractions of cells in multicellular clusters. MIRDcell V3 was designed to provide investigators with the capability to compare the effect of several variables on the response of multicellular clusters. The output of this software has not been approved by the US FDA for clinical management of patients. Through access to the software, the investigator agrees to use this software for educational and research purposes only and agrees to hold the inventors, Rutgers University, and the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging harmless from liability arising from use of this software. Rutgers University holds United States Patent 9,623,262 B2 for this software.





Target cell

Cell for which the radiation dose is calculated. The target cell is represented by two concentric spheres. The cell nucleus is represented by the inner sphere with radius RN . The region between the inner and outer sphere represents the cytoplasm. The surface of the outer sphere represents the cell surface. The radius of the cell is RC . The target within the cell is either the entire cell (C), the cell nucleus (N), or the cytoplasm (Cy).

Source cell

Cell that contains radioactivity. The radioactivity is assumed to be uniformly distributed in the cell (C), cytoplasm (Cy), or nucleus (N). Or the radioactivity is assumed to be uniformly distributed on the cell surface (CS).

S value

Mean absorbed dose to the target per unit cumulated activity in the source cell. S values are calculated according to the methods in Goddu et al. 1994 (pdf).

Units for S value Gy/(Bq s) in the source cell.