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Sumudu Katugampola and Jianchao Wang publish MIRD Pamphlet No. 27: MIRDcell V3, a revised software tool for multicellular dosimetry and bioeffect modeling. The new version is distributed worldwide.

Brian Canter's article in Molecular Cancer Research selected as Editor's Pick for the October 2021 issue.

Roger Howell promoted to Distinguished Professor on July 1, 2021.

Roger Howell receives NIH S10 Award for MILabs VECTor6/CT in Sept 2020.

Roger Howell receives five-year NIH R01 Award for MIRDcell V3 in Feb 2020.

Calvin Leung's article is named Featured Basic Science Article and appears on the cover of the January 2020 Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Edouard Azzam receives 2017 Radiation Research Society Mentor Award

Edouard Azzam


Nicholas Colangelo receives 2017 NIH F30 Award.

Edouard Azzam receives 2016 New Jersey Health Foundation Excellence in Research Award.

Edouard Azzam Excellence in Research AwardEdouard Azzam



Nicholas Colangelo and John Boice Jason Domogauer and John Boice
Nicholas Colangelo recieves 2015 NCRP Travel Award from John Boice, President NCRP. Jason Domogauer receives 2014 NCRP Travel Award from John Boice, President NCRP.


United States Patent No. US 9,623,262 awarded to B Vaziri, H Wu, RW Howell, JM Akudugu, PVSV Neti. April 18, 2017. Methods and Systems for Determining the Distribution of Radiation Dose and Response.

Brian Canter receives two-year New Jersey Cancer Commission pre-doctoral fellowship (2017-2019).

Lisa-Marie Moore receives two-year New Jersey Cancer Commission post-doctoral fellowship (2017-2019).

Roger Howell and Edouard Azzam receive three year NIH R01 grant (2015-2018) to study bystander effects of radium-223.

Edouard Azzam is awarded NASA grant (Jan 2015- Jan 2019) to study carcinogenic effects of space radiation.

Calvin Leung receives two-year New Jersey Cancer Commission pre-doctoral fellowship (2015-2017).

Nicholas Colangelo and Jason Domogauer receive travel awards to present their research at the 2015 International Congress on Radiation Research in Kyoto, Japan.

Jordan Pasternack and colleagues receive press on Dec 9, 2014: Nuclear medicine treatment shows promise for cancer therapy.

United States Patent No. US 8,874,380 B2 awarded to JM Akudugu, PVSV Neti, and RW Howell. October 28, 2014. Method of Overcoming Therapeutic Limitations of Nonuniform Distribution of Radiopharmaceuticals and Chemotherapy Drugs.

Behrooz Vaziri's MIRDcell web tool is published in the Sept 2014 issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Lauren Matlock selected as one of 19 American students in a delegation sponsored by Mars Inc. and Oak Ridge Associated Universities to attend the 64th Annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting from June 29-July 4, 2014.

Roger Howell is elected in May 2014 as a Commissioner of the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU).

Jason Domogauer receives 2013 NJ Cancer Commission Pre-Doctoral Cancer Research Scholar Award.

Nicholas Colangelo and Jordan Pasternack take 1st and 2nd Place in the 2012 Cancer Summer Research Poster competition.