Conferences & Rounds

The Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Neurology Residency Program provides residents with collaborative learning experiences through an exceptional didactic curriculum designed to prepare residents for successful board certification. All lectures are available on-line via Rutgers WebEx or Zoom. The following is a sample Lecture & Conference Schedule as well as examples of the conferences that are held:

Lecture & Conference Schedule




Neuroradiology Conference at University Hospital


Neuropathology (2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month)


Chief of Service


Grand Rounds





NJMS and RWJ have shared virtual didactic lectures on the first three Mondays and first two Fridays of the month, starting at 11:30am

Chief of Service


This is a weekly concernece where the senior resident, under the guidance of the attending neurologist, is responsible for presenting an interesting case that was recently seen on their service. One general neurology case, one stroke neurology case, and one pediatric neurology case is presented each month, covering a detailed clinical analysis of individual patients as well as a literature review to aid in diagnosis and treatment management. This is an interactive learning experience for all faculty, residents, and students.


Grand Rounds

The Neurology Grand Rounds are presented by our faculty members as well as prominent guest speakers, highlighting their research with a clinical focus. Topics cover a breadth of knowledge across the following disciplines: neuroscience, pediatric neurology, adult neurology and neurosurgery. Since July 2020 we have combined our Neurology Grand Rounds series with Rutger Health - Robert Wood Johnson and all presentations are available via WebEx or Zoom.

please visit for an updated Grand Rounds schedule.

Board Review Conference

A variety of board related topics are covered at this conference. These lectures help prepare residents for the annual American Academy of Neurology-American Neurological Association In-Service Training Examination as well as successfully pass written boards upon completion of their training.

Patient Safety Event Analysis Conference

Each month all mortality and morbidity cases and patient safety events on the general and stroke service are reviewed in a formal interactive M&M conference with faculty and residents present. The goal of this conference is to openly discuss clinical management decisions in order to improve future management of similar cases. This also allows for identification of areas for quality improvement.

Journal Club

Twice a month, a resident presents a comprehensive assessment and critique of a current neurologic article of their choice under the supervision of their chosen mentor. Participation in Journal Club allows residents to engage in an informative debate regarding the most recent literature, as well as to enhance their necessary skills of using the literature to answer patient based questions.

Case Conference

Twice a month, a case or cases will be presented by a wards resident and then faculty will facilitate discussion regarding diagnosis and management. This provides a clinical based educational opportunity for residents to demonstrate their clinical knowledge and for faculty to instruct on how to approach patients with a variety of pathologies in additon to the rationale for appropriate assessments and treatment options. 


Curriculum Lectures

Throughout the course of their training, residents attend a variety of lectures that cover critical neurology topics including neuromuscular neurology, neurobehavioral lectures, demyelinating diseases, epilepsy, cerebellar syndromes, stroke syndromes, movement disorders, neuropathology, pediatric neurology, evidence based medicine, pain syndromes, fatigue, stress, ethics, professionalism, end of life care, billing and coding, and evidence based medicine (EBM). A particular emphasis is placed on the following lecture series:


Residents are exposed to gross and microscopic neuropathology through two sessions monthly at the University Hospital that concentrate on material from current clinical cases.


Twice a month, residents attend the Neurophysiology Conference which presents the principles of EEG and EMG in a series of formal lectures.

Stroke Conference

During this conference, residents analyze and discuss cerebrovascular disorders in depth.

EEG Conference

At least once a month our board certified epileptologist present EEG conference in which patient EEG's are presented and reviewed with residents in an interactive forum.

Summer Lecture Series

Each July and August, topics in clinical neurology are reviewed during the Grand Rounds time to familiarize the residents with the management of common and emergent neurologic pathology, such as demyelinating diseases, stroke, headaches, neuromuscular medicine, seizures, coma, and CNS infections.

Program Director Monthly Meetings

Since 2021 Dr. Feinstein hosts monthly meeting with the residents to maintain and promote dialogue between the residents and the faculty. She updates the residents with any departmental changes, policies, or events that are occurring that month. She also uses this opportunity allow residents to update her with any recent publications, events, or concerns.