DAYAM Programs

DAYAM has developed a variety of specialized programs that yearly respond to the health and psychosocial needs of more than 2,000 "high risk" youth. Through these programs DAYAM has extended beyond direct clinical care to develop prevention and specific intervention initiatives which have targeted many of societies the most troubling issues -- family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, violence prevention, rape and sexual abuse, transgender health, substance use and abuse, truancy, school failure and other youth specfic social determinace of health.

SCHOOL BASED HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMS Through the innovative use of school based Teen Health Counselors this program prevents and modifies the behaviors that contribute to adverse health outcomes, e.g. -- violence, sexual activity, substance abuse, school drop-out, etc.

Research and Program Development: Research is an integral component of all DAYAM programs. These efforts have expanded our knowledge of adolescent health and resulted in the development of the array of programs that are described above. DAYAM's research activities have included:

Teenage Parenting HIV Risk Reduction  Substance Abuse
Teen Sexual Offenders HIV Treatment   School Dropout Prevention
Sexual Abuse of Males    Violence Prevention Adolescent Health Promotion  
Adolescent Health Systems Research & Development