The Young Fathers Program


As the first program of the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, The Young Fathers Program begain in 1987.  It was created to assist young men in the Greater Newark area to meet the obligations of fatherhood.  The program serves young fathers or soon-to-be fathers 15-24 years old.  Most are unemployed and out of school.  To date it has provided services to nearly 2,000 young men.  The program provides assistance with helping young men fulfill their potential by enhancing their ability to meet the financial, educational, social and emotional demands of fatherhood.  The goal is to strengthen and foster family development, improve child-parent relationships, reduce child neglect and abuse and promote family planning.

The Young Fathers Program offers the following services;

  1. Employment counseling and referral
  2. parenting and life skills training
  3. Referral for Family Planning
  4. Special social and recreational activities for fathers and their families

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