Dialysis Access

The Center has had a long standing interest in the care of patients with end stage renal disease requiring temporary or long-term hemodialysis. Our division is nationally recognized as a leader in performing dialysis access procedures. It is well established that using a patient's own veins for the creation of dialysis fistulae works better and longer than plastic (PTFE) bypass grafts. By utilizing ultrasound we are able to identify veins for fistula creation with a high success rate.

A common problem with dialysis patients is that their catheters, grafts, or fistulae can fail over time with repeated use.  Our center specializes in monitoring these accesses and treating these problems, if they should arise.  We have a dedicated team of physicians and dialysis nurse coordinators to follow all of our dialysis patients. Please call us at (973)972-9371 for an evaluation.