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Humanism Fellows

Humanism Fellows are central to the Center, which aims to create a network of caring physicians. And a medical school like NJMS has been the perfect setting for these Fellows to start this much-needed evolution to help medicine regain its rightful place in the hearts of those who are suffering. The students are selected from among the best of NJMS applicants by George F. Heinrich, MD, Associate Dean of Admissions and Dr. Wilson with input from the Admissions Office and other faculty members. Their welcome letter from the director comes with the invaluable gift of a Fellowship to study medicine while focusing on core values like empathy, enthusiasm, respect for life, as well as advocacy and service.

When they arrive on campus that first summer before classes begin, a special orientation helps them become acclimated. Then, individual bi-weekly discussions are arranged with a faculty mentor. Meeting with mentors is on an as–needed basis determined by the scholar. Logs of these sessions are kept and reviewed by the director, who also talks with the entire group once a month to discuss initiatives. Fellows participate in monthly bioethics meetings, pursue a research project with a humanistic theme and keep a journal about their experiences. These students are given the opportunity to explore behaviors, attitudes and approaches to patient care, colleagues and the practice of medicine. They participate in a variety of ongoing enrichment and leadership development programs involving seminars preceptorships, one-on-one mentoring, original research and community service projects.



Class of 2015

Thomas Neubauer

Jeny Nirappil

Christina Sarris

Janki Shah

Tian Xia

Class of 2016

Laura Baldaji-Garcia

Joseph Besho

Michael Cacoilo

Megana Dwarakanath

Aneesah McClinton

Class of 2017
Ye Jung Ferrabolli
Julia Kirchner
Nilesh Jambhekar