The Faculty Committee on Appointments and Promotions (FCAP)

The FCAP guidelines on Appointments and Promotions outline the requirements for faculty appointments and promotions as well as the award of tenure for senior ranked/titled faculty (Associate Professor and Professor.)

FCAP functions within the parameters promulgated in the NJMS Bylaws, Article III Section 5.6.1 and is governed by its own guidelines as it executes the duties outlined in NJMS Bylaws Article IV. 

The FCAP is composed of senior ranked/titled faculty from both basic science and clinical medical faculty. It is a 16 member body, all of whom typically serve 2 year terms, half of which alternate onto the committee in every year. The non-voting chair of the committee selected from either a clinical medical or basic science department in alternating terms. The FCAP conducts confidential meetings and votes by secret ballot.