About the Center for Immunity & Inflammation (CII)

The CII at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary and highly collaborative center with laboratories dedicated to researching allergies; chronic autoimmune diseases like Crohn's disease, diabetes and lupus; fungal, protozoan, bacterial, viral, and helminth pathogens; pain management, sepsis, toxoplasmosiss, malaria, Vitamin D, and cancer.  Research focuses on investigation of immunity in the context of these infectious and noninfectious diseases.

CII is highly interactive with faculty staff and students participating in a variety of activities including journal clubs and various center wide data clubs and more focused group lab meetings.  Monthly seminars with outside speakers and annual internal retreats and symposia are held to facilitate interactions and potential collaborations.

CII members have access to nearby Core Facilities that include a Biostatistics Core; Center for Genome Informatics; Experimental Histology & Confocal Imaging Core; Flow Cytometry and Immunology Core Laboratory; and the Genome Editing Core among others.

The CII is also an integral part of the Rutgers Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (i3D).